About Us

Our Beginnings

In 1965, after finishing his studies in Germany and working for a Dutch company doing business in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Günther Neuhäuser established the company “Agencia Industrial G. Neuhauser” in the Dominican Republic. For the first three years the company functioned as a representative of foreign manufacturers; in 1968 the company also began to import, warehouse and distribute mass consumer goods on its own account. In the year 2005 ABAXA Corporation, SRL was founded as the legal successor of “Agencia Industrial G. Neuhauser”, which today continues to expand its leadership position as an importer and distributor of mass consumer goods and packaging materials.

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The Company

ABAXA Corporation, SRL specializes in importing and distributing mass consumer goods and packaging materials. Since 1965 we have enjoyed constant growth by continuously planning for strategic expansion, with a focus on increasing our market share and the introduction of new products that appeal to our customer base.

The many decades of experience has allowed us to develop profound knowledge of the needs and desires of the Dominican consumer, which, combined with our flexibility in the use of all available distribution channels, has had as a result that many of our products are market leaders. And it is for this reason that ABAXA Corporation, SRL is a preferred business partner of international manufacturers, who are looking to distribute their products in the Dominican Republic.

In becoming our business partners, customers and suppliers enjoy the support of our excellent team, who themselves enjoy constant opportunities for development and the backing of an ever improving IT platform and infrastructure. The result is a corporate culture of always seeking to improve our core competencies, such as operational efficiency, flexibility and anticipating market opportunities.

We are ever thankful to our employees, our customers and our suppliers for having rewarded our efforts with long lasting business relationships, ever since 1965.

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Strategic Thinking

As a leading Dominican importer, we aim to be an exemplary company in regards to employment practices, operational efficiency, distribution logistics, IT capabilities, market share and collaboration with stakeholders. We are committed to anticipate and to exceed the expectations of our customers, in regards to service and our product offering. Last but definitely not least, we recognize that trust has to be earned over and over again and should never be taken for granted.

To anticipate the needs of our customers and the Dominican consumer. To achieve highest operational efficiency and quality standards through continuous investment in our team and our infrastructure. To maintain the flexibility and ability to adapt that is common amongst smaller companies. To make strategic use of all available distribution channels with the aim of increasing our market share. To unceasingly introduce new products. To never sell for the sake of selling but rather for the sake of profitability. To prove our trustworthiness to our stakeholders over and over again.

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Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Efficiency
  • Profitability

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Our Strengths

ABAXA Corporation, SRL’s success is based on the following fortitudes:

  • Almost 50 years of experience
  • Financial strength
  • Distribution channels with almost 50 years of operation
  • A mature and refined customer portfolio
  • Regularly updated growth plan assessments for key markets and key accounts
  • The ability to design and implement marketing strategies in coordination with our suppliers
  • Market orientation
  • Constant introduction of new products
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cutting-edge IT technology
  • Professional and highly committed human resources

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